how we’re turning kitchen utensils
into a multicultural exchange

and why we love doing it!

Our modern world does not thrive on the mundane.
Our expressions are not understood through conformity, nor are our values appreciated through monotony.Why should we expect anything different when it comes to culture and cuisine?

Break the Mold. Embrace Discovery.

By its very definition, a melting pot is the result of diverse, unlikely ingredients fusing together to cook up something new, a culture, a lifestyle, a meaning of beauty. This is the guiding theme behind the products and practices of Melting-Pots: The Globe Cooker. By creating standout kitchenware and utensils that are high-quality and low-cost, Melting-Pots allows food to take itself to new avenues of expression. Our debut collection of ethnically-inspired cake molds sets the tone for of our team’s aesthetics and symbolic insight. Whether for a favorite recipe or an all-out extravagant event, Melting-Pots is here to help give your cooking new inspiration, a different and delicioulsy creative mindset, to create a fusion of delights.

From the Crossroads of Tradition and Fun

As the visionary behind Melting Pots and the fusion of many cultures herself, Siham Jouhari is a firm believer that taste is no longer defined by geography. She was born of Moroccan descent, raised in France, and is currently living in Dubai – an expressive and diverse identity that has been carried over into the Melting-Pots brand.

Dialogue through Form

Free your food from the shackles of squares and the menace of circles! Melting-Pots wants to offer you an (admittedly fabulous) alternative to these creations of mass production that only restrict your recipes to the angles of conformity. We absolutely believe that you should be able to create your family recipe in a multicultural, playful, bold form that comes in a quality silicon case.

Fundamental Values meet Forward Thinking

In a world oversaturated with fancy fads, organic knowledge and appreciation of cuisine can get lost. So, while Siham strives to redefine the way we share our everyday meals around the world, she is persistent in her goal to get “back to the basics”, creating Melting-Pots to give the priority back to truly good food. Revel in the joy of international flavors and cultures, without ever leaving your kitchen.